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Hi, DO-Dancers!

Beat Eowyn Event is back again and it's only for you!

Don't forget the date, this event is begin at Nov 18th, 2017 07.00 AM GMT +0

Let's join and get the rewards.

How? Let's check this out :)  


Terms and Conditions:

1. Participants is required to standby 1 hour before event start,

2. Participants will join by guessing the password of the room,
    according to the guidance provided by GM through the Supreme Horns,

3. Event will be held is only for 1 hour, 

4. The modes played are S Rank / Fever Mode and Random songs - Hard & no inverse,

5. 1 (one) IGN can only follow this event as much as 1 x,



*) All participants who defeated Eowyn, will get 250 ruby,

*) IGN who managed to defeat Eowyn, will be noted by moderators.