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HI DO-DANCER (*^o^*)/


Dance On have a new event for you!

For you who like to make an articles or blog, let's join our Dance On Blogger Championship Event !

There are many diamonds waiting for you ~(-^〇^-)

Before participate, makes sure you pass all the terms and conditions, dancers!


Terms and Conditions :

1. Participant must have a Dance On account,

2. Participant must make an article about danceon on their blogging site,

3. Article must be set as spotlight on their blogging site,

4. Article must have a hashtag #PlayDanceOn #newrhytmgame.

5. Content doesn't insult any ethnicity, religion, race, and pornography.

6. Share your article with your Facebook account and danceon.3claws group at facebook, and make sure the post is set as a public,

7. Send your Facebook link, blogspot link, IGN and Role ID to our ticketing system,

8. 1 (one) person is only can send one blog to participate this event,

9. Admin(s) will choose 5 winners for this event,

10. Scoring condition:

  • Max. 50 points will be judged by the article content.
  • Max. 30 points will be judged by comment and share from participants,
  • Max. 20 points will be judged by Dance On staff.

11. Staff decisions is absolute.

12. By sending your article, you agree with all terms and conditions.


After you read terms and conditions from Dance On staff, don't forget to submit your participation of this event by sending us a ticket ^^.


   Event Period  :

   October 11th 2017 05.01  PM UTC+0 until October 25th 2017 04.59 PM UTC+0


  Winners will be announce on 30 October 2017.






Reward for the winners

 - Rank 1           = 5000 diamonds,

 - Rank 2           = 2500 diamonds,

 - Rank 3           = 1500 diamonds,

 - Rank 4 & 5    = 500 diamonds.


Don't forget to join Blogger Championship Event, and be the winner!

Good luck, dancers!