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Hi, DO-Dancers!

How many friends you have in Dance ON? Have you impressed by your friends?

Now is a good time to get impression of your character in Dance ON.

You can get free Diamonds and Ruby just by participating in this event.

Event Period: November 14th, 2017 05.01 PM UTC+0 until November 20th, 2017 04.59 PM UTC +0

How? Let's check this out ^^


Terms and condition:

1.      Make sure you have friend on your friend list in Dance ON,

2.     Ask your friend to send letter of impression to your character,

3.     Collect at least 4 impressions from your friends,

4.     Impression only counted during event period,

5.     Blank impressions will not be counted,

6.     One dancer can only send one impression to their friend,

7.     Take a screenshot of your impressions by checking data tab on your character profile,

8.     Upload your screenshot to Official Dance On Group with hashtag #DanceONImpression, add caption,
        and tag 4 yours friends on it. And use this format to join into Friends Impression Event:
                   IGN       :
                   Role ID :
                   Server  :

9.     Make sure your post can be seen by all, so we can check it,

10.   One character can only submit one screenshot post in group.






*) All participants with valid post will get 500 Ruby,


*) Dancer with the most creative impressions from their friend will receive extra 500 Diamonds,
  and will be a winner of Friends Impression Event.


 So, what are you waiting for? Let's join this event and win diamonds & many rubies.

 Good luck! :)