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Hi, DO-Dancers!

To celebrate Thanksgiving 2017, Dance On will give many items directly to dancer.

GM will enter your dance room and giving an item in your wish list. Every dancer in the room will get the reward.

Only 20 lucky dancers will get the reward every day during event period.

So, prepare your room nicely and wait GM to come in your room and give you a special reward!

Event period: Nov 19th, 2017 05.01 PM UTC+0 until Nov 24th, 2017 04.59 PM UTC +0

How? Let's check this out.


Terms and conditions:

1.       GM will enter a dance or leisure room,

2.       GM will list 5 dancers in the room and dancers must stay in the room until GM finish sending the reward,

3.       Dancers who exits the room before GM finish the listing will not receive the reward,

4.       Dancers who enters the room after GM finished the listing will not receive the reward,

5.       GM will only list the lucky dancer when the dance or leisure room is filled by more than 5 players,

6.       Only Dancer will be counted as reward receiver in Dance Room, viewer will not get the reward,

7.       If there are more than 5 dancers in leisure room, GM will only select 5 lucky dancers,

8.      Event Thanksgiving will run 2 times every day, in each event period, GM will choose 10 lucky dancers,

9.      Don't forget to give appreciation to GM after you get the reward.






*) 5 Magic Heart for 1 item at wishlist.