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On Sept 18th, 2017, danceon have a DREAM BATTLE EVENT. We got 3 winners from 180 participants.

They are HAERI, JAVEM and  shiro. They battle using Rhythm D-4 Pad mode with Hard Songs (Random) .

So, guys!!! I got a chance for interview them on the game, kyaaaa ~ (///▽///)

Let's check my interview with 3 winners of Dream Battle Event - danceon.3claws ~(≧∇≦*)


* Hi! Congratulations to you guys! Anyway, where are you from?

H: Hei ^^! I am from Sydney

J: I am from Philippines

S: and I'm from Indonesia ^^


* Since when you guys have playing danceon?

H: Around 2 months ago.

J:  I play danceon since this game started ~

S: I play danceon since this game started too ^^


* What is your favorite dance-mode at danceon?

H: Mmm, I'd say rhtym and love mode are my favorite modes

J: Fever mode ~

S: I think, touch mode! ^^


* What is your favorite songs at danceon? ^_^

H: Well, my favorite song is Addiction by EVO. One of recent ones that were added c:. I was really happy when that become available on the game ~

J: Right now is Canon Version. I really love fast songs ^^

S: On the playlist up there? Hmmm, Kanashimi wo Yasashisani


* What kind of practice you've did until you become pro at danceon and win dream battle event? ^^

H: Mmm, I normally just play hard songs. But I've played a lot of rhythm games before this one, and some mode were similar. And I also just keep repeatedly playing songs that I can't do ^^

J: I am still not a pro at danceon.. But I jus tkeep on playing all hard songs ^^. LOL that's only luck. Actually I dont expect to win =))

S: I dunno how to answer that XD. Maybe I can say I never train to be a pro. Just play normally. And about win dream battle event.. that was just luck. Because sometimes, I play not as good like this ^^


* What makes you loved danceon? ^^

H: Hmmm, since I really like rhythm games, I play a lot of them. I'd say for this game, I really liked making a new friends. Especially with the current club I am in. And I also like to competing with people in challenging things. So things like Club and Team are fun for me c:

J: I love danceon because of their events. Like rank, boss. It's like you won't be bored every day. Unlike other rhythm games. And it was like test my skills on rank pk. And the tournament too is really encouraging to practice more. Danceon won't make you bored because there is a lot to do here.

S: Because the character there are all cute and I can buy a lots of cheap clothes and also the game is addicting to play and I don't get bored that easily.


* What is your testimonial for them who have supported you on Dream Battle Event? ^^

H: Uhh, let me think for a second. I hope that they continue being my loyal wives. Since I'm gonna take all of them away from Arabelle! ^^

J: Actually, I told them that I won't win the tournament, because there is so many pro players. But I just say to them I'll try to do my best ^^. Thanks to encouraging me guys! Even though I'm not good at this mode, but you still support and believe at me. Yous support is also one of luck that makes me win. THANKS!

S: Actually, I don't have many friends in here xD. I just apply on my own.


Well, how is that, guys? They are so welcome, right? ~( ^ω^)/

Thank you for the winners to give me a time to interview them! >__< . And also thank you to participants! Don't be sad, we still have another event for you (*≧∇≦*).

Wait for another event from us, DO-Dancers ~