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Hi DO-Dancer,

Dance on have a Show Your Art Event! And we have 12.500 diamonds total for a lucky participants.

How to join this? Let's check this out ^^


Terms and Conditions:

1.    Participant must have a Dance On account,

2.    Dancer must create an artwork,

3.    Artwork must contain full character with fashion (Name of the Hair, Clothes or Suit, Pant, and Shoes),

4.    Artwork must display front and back of the character,

5.    Create your artwork creatively, you don’t need to follow fashion from Dance On,

6.    Winner will be selected by the most vote in Dance On Facebook Page,

7.    You can send your artwork before November 21th, 2017,

8.    Staff will choose the best artwork to continue in the voting phase,

9.    Artwork with couple theme (Boy and Girl) will get extra point,

10. Artwork voting will start on November 23th, 2017 05.01 PM UTC +0 until November 28th, 2017 04.59 PM UTC +0,

11. Send your Facebook link, Nickname, Role ID and your Artwork to Dance On ticketing service,

12. One dancer can only send one artwork to participate in this event.

13. We will diskualified if the art not drawing by your self






Reward for the winners,

 - Rank 1           = 6000 diamonds,

 - Rank 2           = 3000 diamonds,

 - Rank 3           = 2000 diamonds,

 - Rank 4 & 5    = 750 diamonds for each winner.


Let's join to Show Your Art Event :)

Good luck, do-dancer