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!Hello DO-Dancer!! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

To celebrate this Happy Weekend, Dance On 3Claws come with special event for all Dancers! ^o^v

✿ Be A Shopaholic ✿


14th July 2017 (01.00) - 17th July 2017 (23.00) GMT+7 (Server Time)

How to join this event?

You can get a lot of free items when you Top Up Blue Diamonds on this event periode! The prizes that you can get depends on your TOTAL TOP UP Blue Diamonds Accumulated During The Event’s Period. There is 5 tier reward on this event, you will get the reward everytime you pass the tier and it will be accumulated to your Total Top Up when event ended. You can check the prizes on the list below.

Tier 1 -  Top Up  $8 get bonus 10 Cute Gift Box + 25.000 Gold



Tier 2 -  Top Up  $40 get bonus 50 Cute Gift Box + 100.000 Gold



Tier 3 -  Top Up  $80 get bonus 100 Cute Gift Box + 200.000 Gold



Tier 4 -  Top Up  $240 get bonus 300 Cute Gift Box + 400.000 Gold



Tier 5 -  Top Up  $400 get bonus 500 Cute Gift Box + 600.000 Gold



- Top Up is accumulated in Event Periode.

- Bonus reward only applies for Dancers that Top Up Blue Diamonds on this periode event.

- The reward will be accumulated. You can get reward not only from 1 tier, but you can get from every tier that passed.

- Example 1:

Ashlee Top Up on Day 1 $50 and then Ashlee Top Up again on Day 2 $30, so total from her Top Up is $80.

Ashlee will get bonus reward from Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 with total 160 Gift Box and 325.000 Gold when event ended.

- Example 2:

Ryan Top Up $2 on day 1, he is Top Up $5 again and then $5 again, his Total Top Up is $12. So he will get bonus from Tier 1: 10 Cute Gift Box and 25.000 Gold.

- Bonus Reward will be sent on 17th July 2017. (extended to 18th July 2017)


Reward from Cute Gift Box


Cute Black Set Male and Female

There are lots of Prizes that you can get during this event!

So, What are you still waiting for?… c’mon Top Up and get all the Prizes Now !!! 

Be Stylish, Be Shopaholic!!



  OFFICIAL G+               FORUM