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Hello DO-Dancer!! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Dance On 3Claws is the best Dancing Game with Anime Style! Lets have fun with your friends, find your true love and enjoy the songs from K-Pop, J-Pop, Western and EDM!! You can mix and match your fashion here to be the Greatest Idol Ever!

So what are you waiting for!? Lets join Dance On and live your dreams!

In this special occassion we will held special event for all Dancers~ Grab your chance to beat Dance On GM & get 350 Red Diamonds every time you can beat them!! Good Luck DO-Dancers! <3


19th July 2017 - 23th July 2017

Everyday on 19.00 (GMT+7) Server Time


Rules Event

How To Join this Event?

1. Login into Dance On everyday on 19.00 (GMT +7) Server Time on the event periode.

2. GM will create special Room for "Beat The GM" Event

3. The Event will starts when GM shout the question for password room

4. The fastest player who can enter the room will join this event

5. Play together with GM and beat the GM scores to win the prize!


- Mode, songs and difficulty is decided by GM

- Player whos already win this event can't enter this event again

- Everyday GM will select 4 songs to be played

- GM 3 Claws is Amore and CM 3 Claws is Yuuri-chan

✿ GM Character ✿


GM Amore

CM Yuuri-chan


Winners Reward

350 Red Diamonds

Lets have fun and live your dreams!


  OFFICIAL G+               FORUM