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Hello DO-Dancer!! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Be the cutest Dancer ever in Dance On with this special Foxy Fashions from Aoxue Silver Fox Chest!! Dont forget, this Limited Event for 3 days only~ So let's join this event and get your Cutie Foxy Style! Want to know how to get these fashions? Lets read the instruction below:

✿ ✿ ✿ Cutie Foxy ✿ ✿ ✿

24th July 2017 (01.00) - 26th July 2017 (23.00) GMT+7 (Server Time)

During event periode, everytime you consume Blue Diamonds in Dance On you are counted as participant of this event. You will get the reward counted by your Daily Consumption. It's not accumulated. But you can join this event everyday. There is 5 Level of Reward. We will check your consumption from "Daily Fortune" Ranking. Lets check the rewards here:

✿ Cutie Foxy Event Reward ✿

Level 1: Consume 1000 Diamond in 1 day and get 20 Auxue Silver Fox (worth of 200 Blue Diamonds)

Level 2: Consume 2000 Diamond in 1 day and get 40 Auxue Silver Fox (worth of 400 Blue Diamonds)


Level 3: Consume 3000 Diamond in 1 day and get 60 Auxue Silver Fox (worth of 600 Blue Diamonds)

Level 4: Consume 4000 Diamond in 1 day and get 80 Auxue Silver Fox (worth of 800 Blue Diamonds)

Level 5: Consume 5000 Diamond in 1 day and get 100 Auxue Silver Fox (worth of 1000 Blue Diamonds)

✿ Auxue Silver Fox Rewards ✿





- Consumption is not accumulated from 3 days, but counted everyday on event periode.

- Bonus reward only applies for Dancers that Consume Blue Diamond on this event periode.

- The reward will be counted from your Daily Fortune Consumption. You can get reward only from 1 level of rewards.

- Example 1:

Rika consume 1025 Blue Diamonds on day 1 of event, Rika will get 20 Gift Box as reward.

- Example 2:

Jack consume 200 Blue Diamonds on day 1 of event and he consume again 800 Blue Diamonds on day 2 of event, Jack wouldn't get any rewards because his consume didnt meet any level of reward.

- Example 3:

Yuzuki consume 5000 Blue Diamonds on day 2 of event, and she consume again 1000 Blue Diamonds on day 3 of event, she will get 100 Gift Box + 20 Gift Box.

- Bonus Reward will be sent on 28th July 2017


Be the cutest dancer and live your dreams!


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