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Hello DO-Dancer!! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Who dare to accept DanceOn challenge?
This time Team DanceOn has an interesting challenge for you, how to do it? Check below!


It's the time to show your Dance On skill with your friends! Believe in yourself and be the Best Dancer!

Event rules:

1.    Introduce your self like Real name , IGN and Location

2.    Player must made cover  by the last updated song  that is on the Dance On
3.    Cover  can be Dance, sing or Lypsinc
4.    Cover must be Video and upload on  youtube
5.    You must Share on your facebook (Setting must be PUBLIC) and share to group Facebook DanceOn
6.    Every Player who has done with this challenge will challenge 3 other players and tag on facebook
7.    Every player can only participate 1 time to follow this challenge
8.    After tag, player must doing the same from the challenger 
9.    Youtube video tittle is DanceOn – (The song you choose) Challenge. For example : DanceOn – Despacito challenge.
10.  Video  can't be using content of Pornography

11.  Minimum duration video is 30 Seconds
12.  1 Video only  Valid for 1 player
13.  Please include link Youtube in the GRUP that has been provided and uploaded to Facebook        and TAG people you challenge.

14.  After uploaded video please send ticket to us using this format :
      - IGN :
      - Server :

      - Link video on youtube :

      - Link Facebook :
15.  DanceOn team's decision is absolute and inviolable.

16.  Event Time : 06 August 2017 (05:01 PM) Until 21 August 2017 (04:59 PM) UTC +0 





  OFFICIAL G+               FORUM


Song List

This is List of Song that you can Sing / Cover:



(Click the Picture to Listen the songg)


2. Hikaru Nara

(Click the Picture to Listen the songg)


3. Untitled 2014

(Click the Picture to Listen the songg)



(Click the Picture to Listen the songg)


5. Wherever you are

(Click the Picture to Listen the songg)


6. Ohayou

(Click the Picture to Listen the songg)



  OFFICIAL G+               FORUM


Reward for Dance On Challenge !!



1.    500 Blue Diamond to join this event and upload on youtube
2.    750 Blue Diamond for 500 view
3.    1000 Blue Diamond for 1000 view
4.    1250 Blue Diamond for 1500 View
5.    1500 Blue Diamond for 2000 view
6.    1750 Blue Diamond for  2500 view
7.    3500 Blue Diamond for 3500 view


Good Luck ! 


  OFFICIAL G+               FORUM