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✿.。˜*•Hi Dancer!! Dream Battle Open Register!!✿.。˜*•

Who can't wait to compete with another friend ?

Learn the terms and conditions of registration below.


1. Everyone Can Follow This Event

2. This event will start on September 18th - Done

3. The event will start at 13.30 PM UTC Untill Done

4. Player will compete in 1 Room with 5 another participants. We will selected the best 2 of the room for join the next round.

5. The mode used is Rhytm D-4 Pad Hard Song (Random)

6. Minimum VIP 1 to follow this Event

7. Registration will open on 6 September 2017 05.01 PM - 17 September 04.59 PM UTC

8. Bracket will be issued on 18 September 07.00 AM UTC

9. If participant does not appear in 5x Calls then the participant is deemed void (1 Minute Call Pause).

10. The decision of 3claws team is absolute and inviolable.

11. Terms and conditions are subject to change

12. Registration Format:
          IGN :
          Role ID :
          VIP :


After knowing the terms and conditions, please register yourself. Send your data to Ticket DanceOn !!
How to send a Ticket? You can check here: How to create a Ticket



1st Winner gets 7500 Diamond + 200 aoxue silver fox gift box + 15 Heart Princess.

2nd Winner gets 5000 Diamond + 150 aoxue silver fox gift box + 10 Heart Princess.

Champion 3 gets 2500 Diamond + 100 aoxue silver fox gift box + 5 Heart Princess.

1000 Ruby For all Competing Participants.

Heart Princess

Aoxue silver fox