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Hello DO-Dancer !! (✿´ ꒳ ` )




What do you know about heroic deeds in Dance ON?

It’s a ranking based on point, which you can get from giving items to your friends.

If you can accumulate to certain point during “Activity Heroic Feast Period”,

you will get special rewards. Your generosity toward your friends also recorded in the Heroic Ranking,

so you can show to your friend and other Dancer, who’s the most generous hero in Dance ON!


How to fulfil your friend’s wish:

1.       Open your friend’s information window

2.       Click Checking info then Click on gift icon


3.       Then, his/ her wish list window will show up and you can buy the wished item directly from there

4.       You will get certain amount of heroic score, after successfully fulfil your friend wish

5.       Check your point in Activity menu, select Heroic Feast tab, and check “Honor Reached”