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Hello DO-Dancer!! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Surpriseeee~ We have special new event for you~ You just need to show your screenshot to us and you can receive Three Peach Kingfisher Wings (30D) for free! Interesting isn't it? Want to know more about this event? You can read the explanation below.

✿ Show Your Fashion ✿

17th July 2017 (01.00) - 19th July 2017 (23.00) GMT+7 (Server Time)


How to join this event?

Step One:

Screenshot your character wore new rare fashion from Cute Gift Box (Cute Black Set, hair, dress/suit and shoes)


- You need to take screenshot in Normal/Confession/Leisure Room. Make sure in your screenshot you show your IGN and Club name.

- You are forbidden using any application to edit your screenshot.


Step Two:

- Send your screenshot to Dance On 3Claws ticketing

- Insert your IGN, ID Number and gender.

- You can read Guide for Sends Ticket here:

- We will check item on your inventory too. :D

- Give subject "Show Your Fashion Event"


Step Three:

After the event ended we will send you the reward: Three Peach Kingfisher Wings (90D)


It's really cool isn't it?… c’mon open your Cute Gift Box and get the wings!! 

Lets have fun and live your dreams!


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