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Hello DO-Dancer!! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

Dance On 3Claws is the best Dancing Game with Anime Style! Lets have fun with your friends here, find a couple and enjoy the songs from K-Pop, J-Pop, Western and EDM!! You can mix and match your fashion here to be the Greatest Idol Ever! So what are you waiting for!?

Come and Join us now in DanceOn 3Claws! Live your Dream! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

On this early of July we come with special Fanart Event "Sketch Days!" Join this event and get special reward for all participant~ ^__^

Periode Event Sketch Days:

3rd July 2017 - 7th July 2017


Follow this rules to join Sketch Days Event:

1. Make an artwork that related to Dance On and you need to put Dance On 3 Claws Logo in your artwork. For the example If you use watercolour technic then you have to draw the Dance On 3 Claws Logo and colouring the logo too, it’s the same rules for other technic (Oil colour, watercolour, digital painting, sketch and others)

2. You need to like and share the Sketch Days Wallpost from this link:

3. Upload your Fanart into tab Event Sketch Days on Facebook Fanpage Dance On 3Claws:

4. Insert your IGN, ID Number and Server

5. Tag 5 of your friends and say "Lets Join this Event"!

6. Use hashtag #danceon #danceon3claws #sketchdays

7. Share your fanart as many as you can

8. 10 players who has the best art will receive the special prizes (Special Fashion 30D and Accessories)

9. All participant will get 350 Red Gems

10. Reward will be sent max 1 weeks from the event ended



10 Best Fanart

Male: Summer Night Silence Set (30D)
Female: Temptation Sweetheart Set (30D)
Accessories: Keyboard (30D)


350 Red Diamonds


Dance On Logo

Find your love here and live your dreams~


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