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Hello DO-Dancer !! (✿´ ꒳ ` )

This time Dance On will present an interesting event for you!!

Let's check the term and condition now!


• Every player can join this event.

• This event will take place every day for 3 days (Player can get reward per day)

• event will be judged by the rank D fortune

• Minimum Diamond consume: 

         2.000 Diamond
         4.000 Diamond
         6.000 Diamond
         8.000 Diamond
       10.000 Diamond

• The first day's winner still can join the event on the second day and get the prize.

• This Event is accumulated, so you can get all of the prize if you consume 10.000 diamonds.

If you consume 10.000 diamonds every day in 2 days in a row, then you will get extra 1 tony reese set PERMANENTLY.


Event start from 21 August (05:01 PM) until 24  August 2017 (04:59 PM) UTC +0



Consume  2.000 Diamond Get Flower 99 x1, Magic Heart x2, Love Stars x2, Ruby 100
Consume  4.000 Diamond Get Flower 99 x2, Magic Heart x4, Love Stars x4, Ruby 200
Consume  6.000 Diamond Get Flower 99 x3, Magic Heart x6, Love Stars x6, Ruby 300
Consume  8.000 Diamond Get Flower 99 x4, Magic Heart x8, Love Stars x8, Ruby 400
Consume 10.000 Diamond Get Flower 99 x5, Magic Heart x10, Love Stars x10, Ruby 500