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Hello DO-Dancers! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

A 3Claws Support ticket is a media to send your written complaint regarding a bug report, log-in problem, game related issues, Top Up problem or the other topics. Your ticket will be replied directly by Dance On 3Claws Team.

Where to Submit a Support 3Claws Ticket? (๑• ω•)

First Step:

To submit a 3Claws support ticket you need to access the following page:

Second Step:

Please Login using your Facebook Account or Google Account


Third Step:

Click Submit a Ticket


Fourth Step:

Choose DanceOn 3Claws for in game related issues

Choose Payment for Top Up problem


Fifth Step:

Fill the form with your report, the first one is level of report priority, then fill your subject report, and then fill the detailed report in the form.


Once you’ve done submitting the ticket, please wait 3x24 hours business day until we can help to solve or answer your problems.

Below is a list of recommendations to take into account when elaborating the ticket:




  • use polite and respectful wording addressing to 3Claws Support.
  • use appropriate punctuation and spelling.
  • be concise and only add information and screenshot that you deem important in your case.
  • inspect your ticket for typos or the details and or incomplete evidence.



  • use racist, discriminatory or insulting language towards the any other person involved regardless of the gravity of your situation.
  • use excessive pleading
  • add irrelevant or redundant information.
  • include personal 3Claws account information such as password. *e-mail and username are OK for evidence purpose*
  • overuse punctuation marks, especially the exclamation mark.


We will do our best to give you the best service.

Keep supporting DanceOn 3Claws and Happy Gaming! ^___^



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