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Hello DO-Dancer !! (✿´ ꒳ ` )



Today we will interview the winner of the Club war event. 
After passing a fierce game, POS managed to defeat the opponents team and came out as the winner.

POS (Pillar of Skulls) is a community founded on May 2, 2015. POS was founded by 5 founders namely Ricky Aldrianto (Lianne), Anggi Saputra (iSNY), Skall (Skall), Hengky Putra (SkippeR), and Muhammad Bayhaqi (AGATHA).

POS also expand to other rhythm games. One of them is "Dance On". Headed by Denawan Wie (`Na) and yesterday match Club War, this five name managed to make the team became Champion :

1. Boss
2. Marinov
3. εziσ`
4. Prelude
5. Himitsu

Lets check our interview with `Na, POS team leader, 


Q:  Since when you play DanceON?
A:  Well it's 1 or 2 weeks after DanceOn launching ^^


Q:  How do you guys know each other?
A:  We know from other game, continue to invite each other to play DanceOn, and make a POS in DanceOn, from there we collect old friends in the game, and also get new friends in DanceOn ^^


Q:  what is your hobby?
A:  My hobby is vary, from play a lot of PC games, playing arcade games in the game zone, Street drawing, the is so many, even culinary become my hobby as well .. hahhaa


Q:  what is interesting from dance on?
A:  What's interesting about Dance On, it has exciting features, varied sets of costumes, cute and fresh characters, fun gameplay, hits song, motion choreography similar to the original Artist and much more to me that can not be called all ~~ hehehe> <


Q:  Do you guys have criticize and advice for Dance On?
A:  There is some criticism, please optimize more to respond to the complaints of the dancers so they do not wait for long, and i hope in the future Dance On will thrive, better service to Dancers, more interesting events and tournaments.


Okay, that's a glance at the Dance team interviews with the Leader of POS ^^










This is the Dokumentation of Dance War !








Once again~ Congrats POS Dance team~!! O(≧∇≦)O