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Hi DO-Dancers! Did you know that after two players become a couple it's possible to get married? Once you're married, you can begin working on upgrading your concentric stones! But before you get married, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Note:  You must be a couple first.

  • Intimacy must be at least 500 (level 3).
  • You'll need blue diamonds or gold.
  • Wedding rooms have a time limit. If you go over the limit then you'll have to renew the room.
  • You can get a free 'Wedding Gift Package' as a reward for clearing 10 stars in 'Story mode- Chapter 11.'
  • Note: This wedding pack does not contain a ring or wedding dress/suit. It often contains blessings &/or gold coins that you can give out during your wedding.
  • Both of you must have matching wedding rings.
  • Both of you must have a wedding dress/suit.
  • Note: Wedding dresses/suits & rings can be purchased in the mall or the 'Wedding Hall.' If you are in the 'Wedding Hall' then just click the dress/suit & ring icons. It will bring you directly to all the wedding-related items. The wedding dress/suit & ring does not need to be permanent.


Now that we've talked about some things you need to keep in mind before having your wedding, let's get married! 


1. Go to the 'Wedding Hall,' create the wedding room, & select your location,

2. Send out wedding invitations to all your friends,


3. After you send out the invitations, & before you start the wedding you will be asked to choose a selection, or 'love,' number. You have the option to chose between a 'pretty name' or an 'ordinary name.' 

* Note: Only the person that created the wedding room will have the ability to choose the number. However, this number will be used between you & your couple, so be sure to discuss it.


4. Your partner now needs to select the 'ready' icon in the bottom right-hand corner. 


5. The wedding room creator now needs to click the 'start wedding' icon in the bottom right-hand corner.


6. Finally, you both will go through a short wedding cutscene.