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Social Center

Social Center allow you to meet a lot of new people from around the world. Find your best friend and true love here. Enjoy the happy moment together and make a sweet memories. Read how to use Dance On Social Center here.


How to Access the Social Center?


First step: Go to the map and select the ‘Social Center’ building. Once you’re in the ‘Social Center,’ you can view the ‘Dating wall,’ the ‘Photo wall,’ and the ‘Charm wall.’ 

The ‘Find’ Feature

You want to find someone special in your life? Not only lovers, maybe family, or friends with same Hobby? You can find them here~

First step: To see your encounter task and partner, go to the ‘Dating wall.’

Second step: Click the ‘Find’ button.

Third step: You should now see the ‘Encounter’ pop-up. If you want to change your encounter partner, then you can do so by clicking the ‘Another’ button. Keep in mind that changing encounter partners costs 20 red diamonds.


The ‘Register Dating’ Feature

First step: To search for a playmate, couple, etc., go to the ‘Dating Wall.’


Second step: Click the ‘Register Dating’ button. 

Third step: Enter a short message and select your friendship purpose.

Fourth step: Click the ‘Determine’ button.


How to Vote for Photos

In the ‘Photo Wall,’ you can see the most popular photos and vote for your favorites by clicking the ‘Like’ button.

How to Send Flowers

First step: Click the ‘Charm wall.’ 

Second step: Look for who you want to send your flowers to.

If you don’t want to send flowers to any of the profiles that appear, then you can refresh the ‘Charm Wall’ by selecting the ‘For a batch’ button.

Keep in mind that you can only refresh the wall 5 times and it costs 10,000 gold. 


Third step: Click the profile you want and select the ‘Send flowers’ button.


Fourth step: You can now decided on which type of flowers you want to send. By sending flowers, you can increase another player’s charm points.

If you send ‘99 flowers’ or ‘Blue flowers,’ then you can also increase your own heroic points.

Find Your Couple and Live Your Dream!



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