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Story Mode is a great way for players to earn experience, gold, fashion, crafting materials, and debris fragments!

You can read the guide below to know more about Story Mode.


To access story mode, select the "Story" center in the world map.


In story mode, there are 12 Sections. Each Section has 10 sub-sections.

Players will be tasked to match fashion and/or dance to complete each sub-section. All dance modes are used in Story: Normal, Rhythm, Fever, and Love Dance.

If matching fashion is required, follow the fashion hints from the dog in the top left. Try to get the highest fashion score you can!


In order to begin each story mission, the player needs to use STR.

STR can be gained from friends or from STR Medicine which can be bought with Red Diamonds.


You will receive rewards upon successful completion of each sub-section.


You will need to complete all 10 sub-sections in order to move on to the next Section.


Players can also receive rewards from gold stars earned in each Section. Try to get all the gold stars for even more rewards!



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