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Life is not complete without love. Find your couple here and take them into the beauty of wedding life. You can read the guide to become couple and wedding here.  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

How to become a Couple

One of the most beloved feature from Dance On is a Couple System. When you find your special one and fall in love with him/her, i am sure you also always wanna be with them right? ^__^

So lets follow these steps to become a couple with your special one:

First Step: Click Dance Hall and Open the Confession Room


Second Step: Invite the person who you wish to become your couple into this room

Third Step: Click the Heart shaped button in bottom (with Con word)

Fourth Step: Choose your Confession Act on your beloved

Fifth Step: Wait for their answer!

Congratulations you are become couple now~

To love, laughter and happily ever after~

Have a good day and spread the love! <3

How to Wedding

Life is not complete without love. Find your couple here and take them into the beauty of wedding life.

Follow this Wedding guide:

You must be a couple first.

Intimacy must be at least 500 (level 3)

You'll either need blue diamonds and/or gold.

Wedding rooms have a time limit.

You both must have matching wedding rings.
You both must have a wedding dress/suit.

Note: Wedding dresses/suits and rings can be purchased in the mall or the 'Wedding Hall.' 
If you are in the 'Wedding Hall' then just click the dress/suit and ring icons.
It will bring you directly to all the wedding-related items.
The wedding dress/suit and ring does not need to be permanent.

- Now, lets start the marriage process. -

First Step: Go to the 'Wedding Hall,' create the wedding room, and select your location. 


Second Step: Set the dress and suit to your Wedding Ceremony (Its ok if not permanent)


Third Step: Open Wedding and Send invitiation to all of your friends in Dance On

Fourth Step: After you send out the invitations, and before you start the wedding you will be asked to choose a selection, or 'love,' number.
You have the option to chose between a 'pretty name' or an 'ordinary name.' 
Note: Only the person that created the wedding room will have the ability to choose the number. However, this number will be used between you and your couple, so be sure to discuss it.

Fifth Step : Start Wedding

Finally, your Wedding Ceremony has started~


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